Space Waste II


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Space Waste II is a 142 Page series of comics, ranging from gritty sci-fi action to intimate cyberpunk erotica.

Follow 10 different queer tales of friends, lovers and foes who do what they must to get by in a “developed” but troubled off-world colony.

Surviving on a new planet isn’t easy, and the problems of the old world have a way of coming back. Mutant Furballs. Vigilantes. Cabbies. Corpo Thieves. Hover Drivers. Oh and of course the first full length Beefchunk story, that’s right. Issue #1 of Gus “Beefchunk” Valladares’ first full adventure.

These are all part one/firsts of continuing stories and yes, some of them blend together and I look forward to sharing exactly how with all of you in the near future. But for now, plug in, run the newest patch on whatever rig your running, (redacted sci-fi jargon), reboot and get into it. Space Waste 2.

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