Chunkwave: Pride/Punk 4


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A delay in getting this one out, a quarantine and other more pressing projects came first. But the content inside only got better with all that extra drawing and time stuck indoors. So I present to you…


265 Pages of Chunky, Hunky and Junky(In the spacey wasteland sense) art.

You’ll get some awesome concept art for the upcoming Beefchunk/Stories from the Skid book I have been working on, loads(lol) of NSFW content I can’t share on social media due to lame ass corporate censorship, and general badassery from the chunky hunks you’ve come to know me for if you follow and/or support my work.

I know the price tag is bigger on this one, buts it’s printed at a higher quality to make the colors more accurate/vibrant and it’s a solid 1.25 pounds, talk about coffee table uh, realness? … and did I mention this baby is 265 pages!